Bruce Munro: Light at Franklin Park Conservatory

Some glow with soft pulses of color. One flashes like a lightning storm. Others simply emanate beautiful, shimmering light. Bruce Munro’s imaginative and innovative light-based works create a captivating evening experience at Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.

Ten installations illuminate the Conservatory’s indoor gardens and outdoor courtyards, with additional works on view in the Cardinal Health Gallery. Bruce Munro has created new pieces inspired by the Conservatory’s spaces and two of his acclaimed works, Water-Towers and Field of Light, are re-created uniquely for the Conservatory. Installations never before seen in the U.S. will also be on view. Download a map of the exhibition. 

Experience this special engagement at its most magical hour during a nighttime visit on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and select Saturdays, until 11pm. Plan your visit here


Icos - 2013
Giant Snowballs - 2007
Light Shower - 2008–2013
Eden Blooms - 2013
Chindi - 2013
Lightning Storm - 2013
Field of Light - 2004–2013
Beacon - 2013
Water-Towers - 2010–2013
Whizz Pops - 2012–2013

In the Cardinal Health Gallery
Mettabhavana - 2012
Rapunzel’s Tower - 2006
Restless Fakir - 2010
Blue Morpho - 2013

The Conservatory is seeking volunteers for Bruce Munro: Light. Learn more here