Fairchild Challenge Archives

Below are examples of entries from the 2015-2016 Fairchild Challenge at Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.

Challenge #1 – Green Cuisine: Conservatory Cook-Off


First Place Entry (Middle) – Chicken Fajita Salad by Curtis Holman & Reina Watson, Reynoldsburg H.S. Encore Academy

Second Place Entry (Left) – Pumpkin Muffin Balls by Suzanne & Martha Cibasu, Horizon Science Academy Columbus H.S.

Challenge Judges (Right) – Christie Nohle, Franklin Park Conservatory; Ka Yeon Jeong, ScottsMiracle-Gro; Michael Wilkos, Columbus Foundation

Challenge #2 – Global Challenge: Environmental Change

First Place Entry – Dynomite by Helen Prescod, Horizon Science Academy Columbus H.S.

Second Place Entry – Milkweed, Monarch and Money by Sunkyung Jung, Gahanna Christian Academy

Challenge #3 – Green Treasures: A Living History

First Place Entry – Trees Are Plants But Not All Plants Can Be Trees: A Living History of Tress in West Africa by Hadia Aminata Bousso, Horizon Science Academy

Second Place Entry – Different Ways to Use Trees: The Ethnobotany of Senegal, Morocco, and Algeria by Awo Ali-Hashi, Horizon Science Academy

Third Place Entry – Green Treasures by Michael Sexton, Encore Academy


Challenge #4 – Citizen Science: Be A Part of The Solution