Explore the beauty of the natural world no matter the weather or time of year. See over 400 species of plants displayed indoors in the Conservatory’s glass greenhouses. Visit throughout the year to see special exhibitions and seasonal displays.

Himalayan Mountain Biome

The plants featured in the Himalayan Biome include a variety of conifers, deciduous trees and shrubs, flowering plants and vines that have adapted to the harsh conditions of their habitat. Visit the Himalayan Biome throughout the year to experience a delightful change in the seasons, from the fragrance of the Star Jasmine each June to the wonderful colors of deciduous trees in fall.

Rainforest Biome

The plants in this biome represent just a portion of the tremendous biodiversity found in rainforests around the world. Explore the plant life in this habitat at ground level and from above as you walk along the upper canopy bridge. Find epiphytes that climb or cling to large trees like the Mahogany, see if the cacao tree has any pods, and say hello to the Conservatory’s two resident Macaws, Mic and Max. Always warm and humid, the tropical rainforest is a popular escape during the winter months .

Desert Biome

Get an up-close look at an environment so different from central Ohio’s. Cacti and succulents of all sizes fill this hot and arid multi-leveled biome. Spring and summer bring pops of color from unusual cacti blooms.

Pacific Island Water Garden

Experience this diverse environment at various elevations as you make your way along the winding path, viewing exotic flora native only to the volcanically formed Pacific islands. Spend some time examining the unusual ferns that genetically date back nearly 350 million years, and make sure to look up to find the fruit of the coconut palm and banana tree. At the lower level of the biome, take a break at the edge of the Koi pond and visit with the curious fish.

Every spring, the Pacific Island Water Garden is transformed into a tropical haven for hundreds of butterflies during the Conservatory’s annual Blooms & Butterflies exhibition.

Dorothy M. Davis Showhouse

Built in 1895, this historic glass house is often the focal point of the Conservatory’s special horticulture displays. Changing with the seasons and with the exhibitions presented at the Conservatory, the Showhouse lends itself to creative horticulture designs and magnificent floral displays throughout the year. On either side of the Showhouse are two rooftop gardens, the Zen Terrace and The Grove, that were added in 2008.