Scary Plants

September 27–November 9, 2014
Celebrating the oddities of nature, Scary Plants provides an up-close view at strange, frightening, and even dangerous species. Discover bizarre, exotic botanicals, explore the appetite of carnivorous plants, and find out what could be lurking in your own backyard. 

Four larger-than-life sculptures, custom designed and built by Columbus-based TORK, Inc. give a bugs-eye perspective of carnivorous plants like the Venus fly trap and pitcher plant. 

Scary Plant Demonstrations
See what happens when you touch the sensitive plant, witness a Venus fly trap feeding, and learn more about the plants in the exhibition during 20-minute demonstrations, daily at 2pm. 

Opening Day
Saturday, September 27
Meet The Bugman, 11am–2pm. Save 20% on Venus fly traps, pitcher plants, cactus and Scary Plant kits in Botanica.