Upcoming Exhibitions


January 9–March 6, 2016
Hundreds of colorful and delicate orchids provide respite from winter’s gray chill.  Enjoy an immersive, artistic exhibit in the Dorothy M. Davis Showhouse and orchid displays throughout the Conservatory’s indoor gardens. 

Contemporary ceramic works of art inspired by the natural world are displayed in De La Naturaleza, a juried exhibit presented in partnership with the Central Ohio Clay Arts association with additional works on loan from Sherrie Gallerie. View the list of selected artists here.

Blooms & Butterflies

March 12–September 18, 2016
Spring returns with the emergence of hundreds of colorful, exotic butterflies and watch them take flight in the Pacific Island Water Garden, a tropical haven filled with bright nectar blooms. Newly emerged butterflies are released during educational presentations every day at 1 and 3pm. 

Spring Bulb Display

Spring, 2016
A dazzling celebration of spring! More than 100,000 tulips, narcissus, crocus, hyacinth and other vibrant stars of the season fill the Conservatory’s gardens and courtyards with color.

Origami in the Garden

May 21–November 13, 2016
Origami in the Garden is a monumental sculpture exhibition created by American artist Kevin Box. Motivated by the impermanence of paper, Box pioneered a new method of capturing its delicate detail into museum quality metals. Origami is the art of paper folding and each sculpture began with a single piece of paper. The exhibition features gallery works and collaborations with internationally respected origami artists such as Dr. Robert J. Lang and Te Jui Fu.  Related programs for all ages are scheduled throughout the exhibition.  

Presented by PNC Arts Alive