Blooms & Butterflies

March 11–September 17, 2017
Hundreds of colorful butterflies take flight in the Pacific Island Water Garden, a tropical haven filled with bright nectar blooms. Newly emerged butterflies are released during educational presentations every day at 1 and 3pm.

In the Dorothy M. Davis Showhouse
Fairy Gardens
March 11–May 29, 2017
Fairies, Pixies, Sprites, Hobgoblins, Gnomes, Imps—no matter what you call them, these timeless creatures evoke fascination and intrigue, bringing acts of kindness—and sometimes mischief—to the world. Experience the Conservatory’s tribute to these whimsical and ageless wonders. Peacefully stroll through a life-size fairy garden and a variety of miniature gardens.

In the Cardinal Health Gallery
Efflorescence: Works from Open Door Art Studio
March 11–May 14, 2017
Open Door Art Studio invites Conservatory visitors to take part in an artistic Efflorescence. Open Door artists have honed their artistic talents to cultivate an exhibition comprised of original, floral-themed artworks. Over 70 multimedia works will fill the gallery with color, creativity and imagination.

Open Door Art Studio & Gallery empowers artists with disabilities to develop unique, artistic voices and to experience opportunities afforded through the arts. Creativity knows no boundaries and all individuals deserve an environment for expression without limitation.

In Botanica Gift Shop
The butterfly metamorphosis can be experienced at home, too, with native Painted Lady caterpillars available in Botanica Gift Shop. Once they have emerged, Painted Lady butterflies can be released outdoors to continue their life cycle.

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