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Vegetable Gardening Series

Wednesdays, March 1–April 5, 6–7:30pm
Start Vegetables from Seed
Learn basics of seed starting, garden design and plant timing.
Wednesday, March 1, 6–7:30pm
Crop Rotation and Companion Planting
Crop rotation helps manage soil health and prevent soil-borne
diseases. Improve performance by interpolating specific plants
that benefit each other.
Wednesday, March 8, 6–7:30pm
Plan a Year of Edibles
Prepare month-by-month plan to produce fresh, homegrown
produce all year.
Wednesday, March 15, 6–7:30pm
Building Healthy Soil, Composting and Soil Tests
Learn basics of composting, vermiculture, soil testing and more.
Wednesday, March 22, 6–7:30pm
Integrated Pest Management
Examine basic pest management tactics that will provide a
healthier and safer garden.
Wednesday, March 29, 6–7:30pm
Attracting Pollinators to Your Garden
Learn about composting, healthy soil, planting techniques
and how to attract good bugs while deterring pesky ones.
Wednesday, April 5, 6–7:30pm

Led by Conservatory educators and horticulturists
Location: The Wells Barn
$100, $75 for members (series)
$20, $15 for members (per class)