Studio Editions by Dale Chihuly

​Nightfall Macchia, 2015​

The very elements of earth and nature can be found in Dale Chihuly’s innovative series Macchia. Minerals from the earth contribute to the vibrant and dynamic pigments that constitute the rich hues and spots of color joined to the flowing ribbed forms created intuitively through the force of gravity. The series name itself harks back to nature. Art historian Robert Hobbs observes,...

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​Amber Plum Seaform, 2015​

Dale Chihuly’s Seaform series, comprising sculptural yet free-flowing and mobile forms, evolved unintentionally while he was working on his first series, the Baskets. He discovered that using optic molds in the glassblowing process enhanced an underlying correlation to the sea, resulting in the fluid and complex contours characterized in this series. “To free glass...

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​Raven Black Baskets, 2015​

A symbiotic dialogue began in 1977 between Dale Chihuly’s creative vision and his chosen medium that had a lasting impact on the artist’s métier. One result was Chihuly’s exquisite interpretation of softly slumping and aging Native American fiber baskets in the unlikely static medium of glass—the Basket series. “It was Chihuly’s early experiences wit...

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​Pomegranate Persian, 2015​

The Persians, one of Dale Chihuly’s most celebrated series, eloquently captures the artist’s love of color and the medium’s transmission of light in their daring and energetic forms. Art historian Tina Oldknow observes that “the Persians are only one expression of the underlying, purely abstract and formal objective of his work: the exploration of form ...

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