Studio Editions by Dale Chihuly

​Atlantis Persian, 2017​

Dale Chihuly’s iconic Persian series is steeped in history while continuously evolving in form and color.  Art historian Tina Oldknow, formerly of the Corning Museum of Glass, notes, “The sources of his Persians are classical Greek, Persian, Byzantine, Islamic, Venetian, together representing an incredibly fertile palimpsest of ideas and influences.”  The diverse lay...

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​Rose Blush Macchia , 2017 ​

 “The unbelievable combinations of color – that was the driving force” says Chihuly about the creation of the Macchia series.  In the initial stages of its conception, Chihuly found himself “waking up one day wanting to use all three hundred of the colors in the hotshop.”  This seduction of color led the artist to explore properties of its u...

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​Golden Topaz Basket, 2017​

In 1977, upon seeing Northwest Coast Indian baskets at the Washington State History Museum in Tacoma, Dale Chihuly was fascinated by the effect time had on the woven vessels, how the elements softened them, making them bend and slump.  By exploring the malleable qualities of glass, Chihuly successfully achieved his own interpretive vision blown and spun in both delicate and vibrant tones. ...

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​Byzantine Blue Persian, 2017​

Dale Chihuly’s Persian series originated in 1986 as a search for new forms.  Early works in the series were oddly shaped and intensely colored.  Former curator Tina Oldknow notes, “The earliest Persians looked “archaeological” to Chihuly, like excavated ancient treasures.  Chihuly sensed that these objects represented a formal direction in his art that was...

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