Studio Editions by Dale Chihuly

​Jade Green Seaform, 2016​

“Glass is a very magical material, and what it does is allow light to go through it because it’s transparent or translucent. . . . It’s like looking at light itself, and that’s true with water,” states Dale Chihuly. Drawing upon these qualities of his chosen medium, it was a natural progression for the artist to recruit the elemental forces of gravity in order to c...

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​Star Fire Seaform, 2016 ​

Reflecting on the properties of glass, Dale Chihuly notes, “You can blow it and make fine art of human breath. It's like being able to manipulate water.” The yielding and supple forms of the artist’s Seaform series proved fertile ground for him to implement a technique he observed during his apprenticeship at the Venini factory in Murano, Italy: the body wrap...

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​Mandarin Yellow Persian, 2016​

Spontaneous combinations of fire, breath, centrifugal force, and gravity are key components in the creation of Dale Chihuly’s charismatic Persian series. “Their energy expands and explodes the fundamental spherical or cylindrical shapes of blown glass into eccentric and unforeseen new forms,” notes acclaimed art historian and critic Barbara Rose. With its free-spirite...

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​Nordic Blue Macchia, 2016​

A stained-glass window and a foggy day inspired Dale Chihuly’s vibrantly bold series Macchia. “I remembered that if one was looking at a stained-glass window . . . the window usually didn’t look as colorful when there was a bright blue sky in the background as it did when it was foggy. It’s the white of the fog, like a light table, that allows you to see the tru...

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